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Автор/составитель: Cristina Palanca
Издательство: Editorial Edinumen

Everyday Spanish sayings. Los dichos del dia a dia.
Con este libro pretendemos que el estudiante se familiarice con muchos de los innumerables dichos del espanol cotidiano.
Este libro le ayudara a entender el significado y uso de los dichos mas usados y, por tanto, mas utiles a la hora de aprender. Por eso, esta pensado y disenado para ayudar al proceso de aprendizaje e integracion de estas unidades que dan vida al idioma.
Lo dicho contribuye a que el aprendizaje del espanol sea aun mas divertido y ayude a dominar las frases que dan propia personalidad a la lengua.
This book will help you understand the meaning and use of some of the most important and common sayings in Spanish. No one can master everyday Spanish without knowing these sayings.
You will see that Spanish is a rich and varied language. Alternative or equivalent sayings can often be found which can be used interchangeably. All the sayings are illustrated with light-hearted sketches, with examples of their use in real situations, which help you both understand what they mean and remember them. You will also see their English alternatives. The book is recommended as a complement to all Spanish teaching methods, from secondary school to university. It may also be of great interest to anyone wishing to expand their vocabulary and improve their command of the Spanish language... дальше ».
Lo dicho suits all levels in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
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дата выпуска17 августа 2010 г. 
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количество страниц132 стр.
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