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Innovations. Upper-Intermediate. Coursebook

Innovations. Upper-Intermediate. Coursebook

Авторы/составители: Dellar Hugh, Walkley Andrew, Hocking Darryl
Издательство: Thomson Learning

Innovations is a new three-level general English course for classes looking for new material with a fresh approach. Based on a language-rich, lexical/grammatical syllabus, it starts from the kinds of natural conversations that learners want to have.
- Presents and practices vocabulary, collocations, fixed expressions, and more idiomatic language.
- Motivates learners by presenting interesting and unusual texts.
- Emphasizes sound-chunking and oral fluency.
- Covers productive and receptive pronunciation work.
- Includes in-built learner-training pages that offer tips and advice.
- Teaches many aspects of grammar and spoken language not found in other coursebooks.
Course components:
- Coursebook contains 20 stimulating six-page units, review units, and grammar commentary.
- Workbook provides further practice and consolidation of language presented in the Coursebook. Includes FCE-style writing activities.
- Teacher's Book includes step-by-step teaching notes as well as explanations of cultural and linguistic items presented in the Coursebook.
- Teacher's Resource Book provides photocopiable activities for additional controlled practice or fluency work.
- Classroom audio available in CD or tape format... дальше ».
- ExamView Pro test-generating software allows teachers to create, customize, and correct tests quickly and easily.
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ISBN0-7593-9847-X, 978-0-7593-9847-4, 9780759398474
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