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Bar Italia

Bar Italia

Авторы/составители: Naddeo Ciro Massimo, Di Francesco Annamaria
Издательство: Alma Edizioni (Alma Italy)

This book contains a series of articles on the life, society, culture and habits of Italians.
Each article is on a specific topic (Italian homes, superstitions, ‘Mummy’s boys’, the coffee ritual, the fashion for cell phones, etc.) and includes numerous teaching activities which build up and develop the capacity to read, speak and write in Italian.
The articles in this volume are all taken from daily newspapers and magazines and are organised in progressively difficult teaching units. In addition to class activities, which are interactive, communicative and game-like in structure, every unit contains various exercises for the revision of vocabulary, morphology and syntax, which may also be used for self-learning (the solutions are contained in the articles).
Bar Italia is suitable for post-elementary, intermediate and advanced students and is recommended as a useful instrument for gaining an in-depth understanding of real Italian life and, at the same time, refining language comprehension.

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