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50 Favourite Rooms by Frank Lloyd Wright

50 Favourite Rooms by Frank Lloyd Wright

Автор/составитель: Maddex Diane
Издательство: Thames&Hudson

Frank Lloyd Wright is a one-man phenomenon - between 1887 and 1959 he completed more than 400 commissions in the USA as well as writing numerous books and giving frequent lectures. Thousands of visitors annually flock to the fifty Wright buildings in America that are open to the public and he is an inspiration to countless architects and designers everywhere.

50 Favourite Rooms by Frank Lloyd Wright showcases his very best work in interior design. Here are the most glorious living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, public spaces and more from the buildings that Wright designed over his prolific seven-decade career. Exemplifying the architect’s unfailing principles of unity, simplicity and respect for nature, these rooms also present a chronological picture of his stylistic development. Stunning photographs highlight furniture, fireplaces and lighting, carpets and fabrics, stained glass and china. A visual delight, this is the perfect gift for lovers of this most famous and popular of architects.

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