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Montreal and Quebec City

Montreal and Quebec City

Авторы/составители: Louis Regis St., Rabinovitch Simona
Издательство: Lonely Planet
Серия: Lonely Planet City Guides

Discover Montreal & Quebec City.
Work off your lobster risotto by dancing after-hours on the bar of the city's hottest restaurant.
Go wild in a toy store that carries everything from miniature pink ghetto blasters to a fashion doll wings.
Feel the cool spray wash over you on an adrenaline-charged rafting ride down the Lachline Rapids.
Lose yourself in the narrow streets of a captivating old quarter.
In This Guide:
Two authors, 46 days of in-city research, 20 detailed maps, countless poutine eaten.
Expanded coverage of Quebec City, inside and outside the walls.
Dedicated Drinking and Nightlife chapters help you paint the town rouge.

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