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Fodor's Ireland 2008

Fodor's Ireland 2008

Издательство: Random House, Inc.
Серия: Fodor's Gold Guides

With the Celtic Tiger roaring more loudly then ever, irresistible Ireland continues to boom in economy, culture, and tourism (more than 1 million North-American visitors in 2004)—little wonder Fodor’s Ireland 2008 is one of the top-selling Europe guides. Now, to make the journey even more memorable, the Emerald Isle joins the next generation of Fodor's Gold Guides, with an innovative, photo-rich, browsable design that sparkles with a bevy of new features.

·Quintessential attractions now highlighted with unique, pictorial layouts on Dublin pubs, Georgian houses, “trad” music sessions, and more

·New chapter openers feature interactive maps and Planner Pages on how to make the most of your time

·"Voices of Ireland" interviews let colorful locals explains Irish culture (for instance, a barkeep explain the tricky “rounds system”)

·Nearly double the number of maps from the previous edition, plus a new full-color, pullout country map

·8-page color photo insert reveals Ireland’s 40 shades of green

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