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Fodor's Las Vegas 2008

Fodor's Las Vegas 2008
Sin City is hotter than ever, with nearly 38 million annual visitors indulging in all the glitz and glam it has to offer. Fodor's Las Vegas 2008 takes a savvy, insider look at the city, uncovering the secrets that every traveler needs to know.

• Brand-new, photo-rich design highlights what's best about Sin City in an easy-to-use format.

• New "Experience Las Vegas" section rounds up the best of the city in one place. Size up what to do quickly with snapshot descriptions of the best attractions.

• New "Where to Stay and Play" chapter profiles mega casino-hotel properties with four to five page spreads that include side-by-side hotel and casino reviews as well as bulleted lists of attractions, restaurants, shows, nightclubs, and shops for each property.

• "Gamble" chapter tells you what to play, how to play, and where to play it. A special feature brings neophytes up to speed with a breakdown of the comp game, an overview of casino etiquette, and a primer on table lingo.

• Pullout map

Издательство: Random House, Inc.
Серия: Fodor's Gold Guides

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дата выпуска: 2009 г. 
язык: английский
количество томов: 1
количество страниц: 320 стр.
переплет: мягкий
возрастная категория: 18+ (нет данных)
код системы скидок: 25
код в My-shop.ru: 1240066

ISBN: 978-1-4000-1814-7
675 руб.
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ориентировочная дата отгрузки: 24.05.2017 (Ср.)

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