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Insight Guides: New York City Guide

Insight Guides: New York City Guide
City Guide New York is a comprehensive guidebook to one of North America's most exciting destinations. Full-color photography combines with the lively text to help you discover the real Big Apple. Forget all the crowds at the regular sights and explore New York like a New Yorker, in the delis, local bars, and small theaters that give this city its energy. With more than 48.7 million visitors in 2010 (source: www.nytimes.com), a number that is only expected to grow, New York is the hippest destination on the East Coast. Our inspirational Insight recommends section outlines top attractions and activities not to miss, while features by local writers cover a range of subjects - including the best places to grab a hotdog or watch the famous subway series between the Yankees and the Mets. Thirteen Places chapters cover the entire city, giving you the detailed information you need to plan your perfect trip. Evocative accounts of the city's history and culture combine with lively descriptions of the best neighborhoods, all illustrated with vivid photography. Color maps, plus floorplans of all the major museums, help you navigate with ease, the Travel Tips provide practical information and our independent listings for the best places to stay and eat.

Издательство: Penguin Group
Серия: Insight City Guides

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дата выпуска: 2005 г. 
язык: английский
количество томов: 1
количество страниц: 352 стр.
переплет: мягкий
размеры: 196x141x24 мм
возрастная категория: 18+ (нет данных)
код системы скидок: 25
код в My-shop.ru: 1349064

ISBN: 9781780050928

Starmer Aaronавтор/составительStarmer Aaron, найти все товары

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