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Business Information Systems

Beynon-Davies Paul (найти все товары)

Business Information Systems
This book presents a comprehensive introduction to information systems for business and/or management students, leading to coherent, integrated understanding of the subject and a strong foundation in theory. It is focused specifically on the needs of business/management students, shorter and cheaper than many other intro texts, but still comprehensive. It builds up understanding incrementally, tells a coherent story, showing the connections between subjects and leading to a more advanced understanding. The book puts the subject on a firm theoretical foundation. It is used as a lens through which the entire subject can be understood, leading to integrated understanding.This is the first text to bring this more coherent, theoretical, systematic approach to a wider audience which leads to a more sophisticated understanding, but still accessible to newcomers to the subject. It features a prestigious consultancy team including Chris Sauer (Fellow in Information Management, Said Business School, Oxford) and Robert Galliers (Provost and V-P for academic affairs, Bentley College, USA and visiting professor at LSE).It features excellent pedagogy and ancillaries including practical case studies to help students apply knowledge, and extensive companion website. Focused on the needs of business and management students, this text provides a comprehensive introduction to informatics and its application in organisations. Assuming no prior knowledge, it builds concepts incrementally, using a strong theoretical base supported by practical examples to develop a coherent, integrated understanding of the subject.

Издательство: Palgrave

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дата выпуска: 17 апреля 2009 г. 
язык: английский
количество томов: 1
количество страниц: 512 стр.
переплет: мягкий
размеры: 276x217x27 мм
возрастная категория: 18+ (нет данных)
код системы скидок: 25
код в My-shop.ru: 1373646

ISBN: 978-0-230-20368-6

Beynon-Davies Paulавтор/составительBeynon-Davies Paul, найти все товары

6 396 руб.
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ориентировочная дата отгрузки: 31.05.2017 (Ср.)

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