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Nature of Photographs

Nature of Photographs

Издательство: Phaidon Press

«The nature of photography» - this is the ABC of photography. The book became the results of the training course, which Stiven Shart led for many years, but publication will be useful not only to students. Its goal is not to study the subject of the image, as in the description of the physical and external properties of picture elements, which are the tools of the photographer for the definition and interpretation of the content. Stiven Shart teaches us how to look at the photo, helps us to look at the surrounding world through the eyes of the man with the camera. «The nature of photography» will serve as a tool for critical analysis and understanding of the photos at all.
In addition to the work Stiven Shart, in the book you will find photos, and other photographers, both classic and modern - all genres. On their example, the author shows how what is in front of the lens, is transformed into an image.

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