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Bangkok Encounter. With Pull-Out Map

Bangkok Encounter. With Pull-Out Map

Автор/составитель: Bush Austin
Издательство: Lonely Planet

What will your Bangkok encounter be?
- watching the sun set while sipping a cocktail at one of Bangkok's rooftop bars.
- unwinding with a relaxing Thai massage.
- eating your way through the fresh, irresistible and affordable world of Thai street food.
- hunting for bargains in the bustling labyrinth that is Chatuchak Weekend Market.
- shopping like a Thai teen at Bangkok's famous malls.
- recovering from big-city exertions on an idyllic palm-fringed beach, just a few hours away.
Discover twice the city in half the time...
- full-colour pull-out map and detailed neighbourhood maps for easy navigation.
- Bangkok resident and veteran food writer recommends the very best eating, drinking, shopping, entertainment and sights.
- unique itineraries and highlights help you make the best of a short break.
- insider tips from tuned-in locals, including a Buddhist monk's insights into the benefits of meditation, and a local food writer's tips on the best places to experience authentic Thai cuisine.

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