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Study Listening. A cource in listening to lectures and note-taking

Study Listening. A cource in listening to lectures and note-taking

Автор/составитель: Tony Lynch
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Серия: Study

Study Listening is for students at intermediate level and above who are preparing to study at a university or college where English is the language of instruction. it is also for those preparing to attend international conferences where English is used. The course focuses on listening to lectures and note-taking.
The Second Edition has been comprehensively revised and restructured with these new features:
• ten thematic units, based on talks by lecturers from six different countries
• practice in six macrostrategies for listening: predicting; monitoring; responding; clarifying; inferencing; evaluating
• post-listening tasks focusing on lecture language as well as lecture content
• 'trouble-shooting' activities dealing with the problems of understanding natural speech, such as speed and accent
Activities that provide suitable IELTS preparation are highlighted throughout the book.
Study Listening includes lecture transcripts, sample listener's notes and Teaching Notes, and can be used for self-study. It is accompanied by an audio CD set (2) or audio cassette set (2).

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количество страниц214 стр.
ISBN0-521-53387-2, 978-0-521-53387-4, 9780521533874
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