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Global Outlook Reading Answer Key

Brenda Bushell (найти все товары), Brenda Dyer

Global Outlook Reading Answer Key
Global Outlook is a two-book series designed to introduce ESL/ELT students to the basic reading reading skilll required for fluent, accurate reading in English. The series is designed for teachers who are experienced in teaching reading skills but looking for new ways to implement them and for teachers who are less experienced and need guidance on how to incorporate specific reading-skill development in their language classes.
Key Features:
Provocative global topics centered around social issues careful sequencing of reading skills.
Oral communication extension activities which encourage students to go beyond the reading test and consider how the issues impact their lives.
Interactive Journal Response assignment which provide opportunities for vocabulary recycling and closure for each unit.
Students will:
Acquire reading skills which fluent readers of English use unconsciously
Learn to use their background knowledge to understand a text
Develop the ability to read chunks of information for general understanding instead of reading and translating word-for-word.
Expand their knowledge and build a global perspective of world issues and social trends.
This answer key is designed to accompany the high intermediate and advanced level reading books.

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Издательство: McGraw-Hill

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дата выпуска: 1 августа 2001 г. 
язык: русский
количество томов: 1
количество страниц: 288 стр.
переплет: мягкий
размеры: 203x254 мм
возрастная категория: 18+ (нет данных)
код системы скидок: 25
код в My-shop.ru: 330680

ISBN: 9780072553147, 978-0-07-255314-7

Brenda Bushellавтор/составительBrenda Bushell, найти все товары
Brenda Dyerавтор/составительBrenda Dyer, найти все товары

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