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Business Options. Student's Book

Business Options. Student's Book
A course to enable professionals to communicate more confidently in English both in and out of the workplace.

• Each of the 14 units is based around a broad theme, such as Performance, Trade, and Negotiating, as a means to focus on real business situations. These include formal scenarios inside the workplace as well as social exchanges. The units can be used in any order to give maximum flexibility and to match the specific requirements and availability of students.
• Each unit has five sections: 'Did you know?' gives interesting facts as a lead-in to the unit; 'Language Work' gives appropriate language practice; 'Business Skills', helps students develop the skills to deal with real-life business situations; 'Meetings' provides practice in participating in meetings; and 'Table Talk' gives practice in social conversation.
• The emphasis in the Student's Book is on developing listening and speaking skills. A wide variety of speech production tasks help students to sound confident and thus communicate more effectively.
• Grammar is approached inductively. The grammar sections invite students to analyse their knowledge of structures and develop an awareness of language patterns. The analysis is followed by one or more exercises to place the structure in a business context. A clear grammar summary is provided at the back of the Student's Book.
• Authentic reading and listening material from around the world is used to explore different approaches to business and to develop social and cultural awareness, one of the most difficult areas for students at this level.
• The 'Table Talk' sections encourage students to develop conversational skills on topics unrelated to their work, such as the family and leisure activities. This section includes improvised conversations between native and non-native speakers on cassette, helping students to cope with the hesitations, interruptions and deviations of natural speech.

Издательство: Oxford University Press
Серия: Business Options

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дата выпуска: 13 мая 1999 г. 
язык: английский
количество томов: 1
количество страниц: 192 стр.
переплет: мягкий
формат: 60x90/8 (220x290 мм)
возрастная категория: 18+ (нет данных)
код системы скидок: 15
код в My-shop.ru: 376608

ISBN: 9780194572347, 978-0-194-57234-7, 978-0-19-457234-7, 0-19-457234-X

Adrian Wallworkавтор/составительAdrian Wallwork, найти все товары

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