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Contemporary Corporate Architecture

Contemporary Corporate Architecture

Издательство: Daab

ENGLISCH CONTEMPORARY CORPORATE ARCHITECTURE is a compilation of the most interesting international projects today, which focus on the presentation and reinforcement of a companyʼs corporate identity. It has been common practice since the 1980s to make use of the communicative possibilities of architecture, both regarding the interior design as well as the exterior appearance of a building: the construction itself is transformed into a symbol of the residing company, hotel or bank. In a similar way as graphic and web design shape a companyʼs corporate identity with the help of logos, websites and public appearance, architecture too has become an important marketing tool. Large companies have the power to greatly influence and shape a cityʼs image: by hiring renowned architects such as Foster & Partners, 3XN and Eric van Egeraat, all of which known for their spectacular designs, they are able to channel the attention of the media from the early planning stages, to the construction phase, furnishing and inauguration of the building. Representative buildings for companies, political, economic, cultural and religious institutions or associations have a longstanding tradition in the history of architecture. Their purpose has always been to demonstrate the clientʼs status in society: their position of power, influence and historical importance. In todayʼs ever changing urban environment defined by multiplicity and differentiation, corporate architecture has become an enormous challenge. Apart from fulfilling functional and aesthetic demands and representing the clientʼs corporate identity, other factors such as “location” are no less to be undermined. City centers, industrial parks or residential areas – to stand out from the surrounding building projects thanks to unique features is no less important than fitting in and complementing the existing cityscape. New media and innovative forms and material make sure that these complex demands are met today.

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