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English Grammar Framework A2

Jennifer Gascoigne (найти все товары)

English Grammar Framework A2"English Grammar Framework A2" is ideal for students who are at the levels described as A1 or A2 by the Common European Framework of Reference: at the end of this book students will have studied all the structures required for full A2 competence. The book is ideal for students preparing for the Cambridge ESOL KET exam, Trinity exams grades 1-5, and the Preliminary and Access levels of the City and Guilds Pitman suite of exams.
"English Grammar Framework A2" contains 52 units.
The accompanying audio CD/CD-ROM offers a wealth of interactive material, including exercises on all the topic areas in the Waystage learning objectives of the CEFR, KET-style exercises, as well as recordings of the dialogues and other selected activities in the book.

Издательство: CIDEB

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язык: английский
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ISBN: 9788853007117

Jennifer Gascoigneавтор/составительJennifer Gascoigne, найти все товары

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