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Documents Supplement to International Commercial Arbitration. A Transnational Perspective
Documents Supplement to International Commercial Arbitration. A Transnational Perspective, 30 августа 2015 г.
Varady Tibor, Barcelo John, Kroll Stefan
This documents supplement contains the latest versions of arbitration's primary sources, including the New York Convention, the UNCITRAL Rules and 2006 Model Law, national arbitration statutes, leading institutional rules, and Codes of Conduct for arbitrators. It contains important recent... дальше
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Religions, Regionalism, and Globalization in Asia Papers originally delivered during the 5th International Conference of the Ateneo Center for Asian Studies, held February 2008.
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Population Matters: People, Resources, Environment, and Immigration Since 1970, Julian Simon has been challenging the doomsayers and their conventional beliefs in a series of controversial popular essays based upon his technical scholarly research. These have been his central message: Raw materials and energy are getting less scarce. The world's food... дальше
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