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Pieter Bruegel the Elder Fall of the Rebel Angels: Art, Knowledge and Politics on the Eve of the Dutch Revolt
Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Fall of the Rebel AngelA is the first comprehensive book on one of the most cherished masterpieces of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels. It argues that with the Fall of the Rebel AngelA (1562), Pieter Bruegel (d. 1569) turned a traditional... дальше
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Giorgio de Chirico Myth and Mystery
Giorgio de Chirico Myth and Mystery, 2014 г.
Giorgio de Chirico
Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art.
1 660 руб.
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Vasarely, 2014 г.
Lemoine Serge
Long before there were such terms as Op art or Kinetic art, Victor Vasarely (1906-1997) was making abstractions that dazzled the eye with their chromatic boldness and energetic geometries. His painting Zebra, of 1930, is widely considered the first work of Op art. The Hungarian-born... дальше
3 857 руб.
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Piero Della Francesca
Piero Della Francesca, 2013 г.
Anna Maria Maetzke
Widely considered the central figure of fifteenth-century painting, Piero della Francesca is also the most modern of all Renaissance painters. To our post-Cubist eyes, Piero's most famous work, his fresco cycle The Legend of the True Cross at Arezzo in Tuscany, conjures nothing so much as... дальше
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Caravaggio: The Complete Works
The complete oeuvre of the dark genius who revolutionized European painting - and remains as controversial 400 years after his death. Caravaggio, or more accurately Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, was a legend even in his own lifetime.... дальше
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Giorgio de Chirico: Myth & Archaeology
The impact of the melancholy, metaphysical art of Giorgio de Chirico (1888–1978) had much to do with his unique ability to see antiquity anew, and to locate its props in mysterious, atemporal dreamscapes. De Chirico loaded his depictions of Greek and Roman statues and architecture with... дальше
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