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Unexpected Outcomes. How Emerging Economies Survived the Global Financial Crisis
This volume documents and explains the remarkable resilience of emerging market nations in East Asia and Latin America when faced with the global financial crisis in 2008 - 2009. Their quick bounceback from the crisis marked a radical departure from the past, such as when the 1982 debt... дальше
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This Blessed Land. Crimea and the Crimean Tatars
This Blessed Land. Crimea and the Crimean Tatars, 9 июля 2014 г.
Paul Robert Magocsi
A virtual island in the Black Sea, Crimea is connected to the European continent by only a narrow sliver of land. For centuries it was part of the Ottoman and Russian empires, then the Soviet Union, and today independent Ukraine. But its history goes back even farther, as is evident from... дальше
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On Stage. Vienna Opera House
On Stage. Vienna Opera House, 22 июня 2014 г.
Lammerhuber Lois, Meyer Dominique, Kozak Peter
A photographic survey of all that must be done both on and off stage in order to prepare the Vienna Opera House ofr a how. Text in English, German and French.
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The Pious Sex. Catholic Constructions of Masculinity and Femininity in Belgium, c. 1800 - 1940
Although women were called the pious sex much earlier, it was during the nineteenth century, when the differences between men and women were being made more explicit, that an intense bond between women and religion was developed. Religiosity was thought to be a natural part of femininity... дальше
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Gin & Tonic. The Complete Guide for the Perfect Mix
Gin & Tonic. The Complete Guide for the Perfect Mix, 7 марта 2014 г.
Frederic Du Bois, Boons Isabel
Gin-tonic, the drink of the eighties, is more hip than ever before. Bars, clubs, gin menus in restaurants - gin is everywhere. This book answers all the questions that gin lovers could possibly have. Richly illustrated, it covers the history of gin and the gin families with their distinct... дальше
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Living 2014/2015: Red Dot Design Yearbook
The “Living” book presents the best products made for a more beautiful life at home which promote a global lifestyle. The wide range of featured items includes furniture, domestic appliances, cookware, lamps, as well as design solutions from the areas architecture and sanitary facilities... дальше
1 476 руб.
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Warhol, 2014 г.
Young. Low-cost. Witty. Sexy. And again, according to the historic definition given by the British artist Richard Hamilton, mass-produced and a prolific source of business: Pop Art, with its emblematic entertwining of glamour and commodification, represents one of the most valuable... дальше
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Economic Fascism. Primary Sources on Mussolini's Crony Capitalism
It may be argued that Mussolini (1883 1945, dictator of Italy 1922 1943) invented modern crony capitalism. Although he described himself as a socialist, he rejected the Marxist version. As he saw it, the state would not own the economy. Ownership would nominally remain in private hands... дальше
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Kazakhstan - Culture Smart!
Kazakhstan - Culture Smart!, 24 октября 2013 г.
Zhansagimova Dina
Culture Smart! Kazakhstan introduces Western readers to this complex, unknown people. It guides you through their traditions, customs, and social values. It describes how they behave at work, at home, at leisure, and on the street, and what they eat and drink. There are vital tips on... дальше
654 руб.
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Adorn Your Life
Adorn Your Life, 7 июля 2013 г.
Ying Peng, Man Jin, Dan Huang
Improving your quality of life all starts with adorning your living space. This book is a compilation of the newest home decoration design from excellent interior design projects all over the world. 'Adorn Your Life' includes original delicate design from Europe style to Chinese style... дальше
4 526 руб.
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Evelyn Pickering De Morgan and the Allegorical Body
Evelyn Pickering De Morgan and the Allegorical Body, 1 июня 2002 г.
Elise Lawton Smith
This book is the first comprehensive study of the paintings of Evelyn Pickering De Morgan (1855-1919), one of the most significant and prolific Victorian women artists. Her complex and richly layered iconography, expressed in a polished late Pre-Raphaelite style, and centered on the... дальше
5 203 руб.
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Photorealism: Beginnings to Today
Featuring both iconic and never-before-published works, this eye-popping volume presents one of the first and finest collections of Photorealism in the United States. Published in conjunction with the exhibition Photorealism: Beginnings to Today at the New Orleans Museum of Art, the book... дальше
6 074 руб.
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