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Nelson Thornes

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Бизнес-курсы от AQA (на английском языке)
Бизнес-курсы от AQA (на английском языке), 3 июня 2011 г.
Stimpson Peter, Foden Steven, Mansell Diane
AQA Business Studies is the only set of resources to have been developed with, and exclusively endorsed by, AQA, making them the first choice to support the new AQA specification for AS and A2. With a range of truly blended resources, AQA Business Studies offers complete coverage and... дальше
450 руб.
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AQA GCSE. Media Studies
AQA GCSE. Media Studies, 2009 г.
Morris Richard, Varley David
Inspiring and motivating selection of AQA GCSE Media Studies resources to support your students. The Student Book provides guidance on Controlled Assessment and our online resources capture your students' imagination with interactive activities and video clips, as well as web-based research tasks.... дальше
2 946 руб.
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AQA GCSE Design and Technology: Graphic Products
AQA GCSE Design and Technology: Graphic Products, 2009 г.
Richards Keith et al.
Specifically written to cover the AQA Design and Technology GCSE (Graphic Products) specification, our student book takes a focused look at how and why the 'design process works', whilst providing comprehensive support for the Controlled Assessment. Clear learning objectives at the start... дальше
2 596 руб.
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Biology for Cambridge IGCSE
Biology for Cambridge IGCSE, 2009 г.
Williams Gareth
Biology for IGCSE is endorsed by CIE and completely matches specification 0610. It is written in a clear and direct manner by a team of experienced authors and CIE examiners, making it ideal for international school students. It takes an exam focus and features include exam-style... дальше
2 280 руб.
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AQA Media Studies AS
AQA Media Studies AS, 2008 г.
Burton Julia
These resources will inspire your students by providing focused activities to reinforce learning, increase knowledge and skill, help develop critical understanding of the media and develop a grasp of terminology and key terms. Student Books contextualise key concepts and theories using case studies.... дальше
3 427 руб.
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Essential Mapwork Skills
Essential Mapwork Skills, 25 июня 2007 г.
Simon Ross
Essential Mapwork Skills 2 will provide 30 brand new case studies, offering global coverage of key themes, issues and topical events. The case studies and activities develop students' key geographical skills - specifically map and photo interpretation skills and the analysis... дальше
745 руб.
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Horizons: Geography 11-14: Student Book 3
Horizons: Geography 11-14: Student Book 3, 30 июня 2006 г.
John Smith, David Gardner
Clear learning objectives for each unit involves pupils in their own learning and aids assessment for learning. Activities and worksheets develop geographical skills and reinforce knowledge and understanding of the topic. Reviews at the end of each unit provide opportunities for... дальше
760 руб.
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Nelson Thornes Framework English Access Skills in Non-Fiction 3
"Access Skills in Fiction and Non-Fiction" offers the rigour and support necessary to raise the attainment of pupils struggling at Level 4, or at Level 3. It is also suitable for Level C-D in Scotland. "Twin Students Books" offering students all the support necessary... дальше
543 руб.
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Assessing GCSE English - A Practical Approach to Reading Skills Students' Book
Assessing GCSE English - A Practical Approach to Reading Skills Students' Book, 3 сентября 2003 г.
Jean Evans, David Stone
This brand new series supports the examined components of English at GCSE, with particular emphasis on the AQA specifications and is fully focused on helping students succeed.
The series adopts a twin-track approach and comprises two Students' Books, A Practical Approach to Reading
... дальше
698 руб.
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Nelson Thornes Framework English Skills in Fiction 3 8%
Nelson Thornes Framework English Skills in Fiction 3, 22 июля 2003 г.
Geoff Reilly, Wendy Wren
Covering all the Framework objectives using a clearly structured and rigorous approach, "Nelson Thornes Framework English" offers an attractive and dynamic route through the demands of the Framework for Teaching English, Years 7-9, laying particular emphasis on the basic skills... дальше
500 руб.   (обычная цена: 543 руб.)
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Developing Skills. Yellow Level
Developing Skills. Yellow Level, 21 января 2003 г.
Warwick Anita, Jackman John
The Developing Skills Books provide the structured progression throughout the course. Each double page spread opens with a Focus in which the main point of the lesson is clearly stated; this is then followed by Extra and Extension activities of increasing difficulty. Throughout the books... дальше
1 416 руб.
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