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Серия "Resource Books for Teachers"

Производитель: Oxford University Press
Всего 5 товаров
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Advanced Learners
Advanced Learners, 12 апреля 2010 г.
Maley Alan
90 activities focusing on productive and receptive skills, vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Designed for use as self-study, in one-to-one situations, or in small groups.
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The Internet
The Internet, 24 апреля 2000 г.
Windeatt Scott, Hardisty David, Eastment David
This work gives detailed examples of classrom activities that exploit the language-learning opportunities the Internet offers. They include searching on the Web, evaluating Web pages, creating language learning material and communicating using the Internet. A companion website provides... дальше
847 руб.
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Beginners, 13 октября 1994 г.
Grundy Peter
Beginners contains over 100 original, ready-to-use activities for beginners' classes. These include activities for both absolute and false beginners, and a section for use with learners unfamiliar with the Roman alphabet.... дальше
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Cultural Awareness
Cultural Awareness, 3 марта 1994 г.
Tomalin Barry, Stempleski Susan
This book is for language teachers who want to increase cultural awareness and interaction among their students. The authors define the subject broadly and include activities relating not only to cultural achievements, but also to culturally-influenced beliefs, perceptions, and behaviour... дальше
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CALL presents a large number of practical activities which utilize a variety of computer programs and which are based on communicative methodology. The book is part of a series aimed at giving language teachers a guide to the practice of key aspects of language teaching.... дальше
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