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Учебно-методический комплект (УМК) "Bebop Level 2"

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Bebop. Level 2
Audio CD. Bebop. Level 2
The main role of the Bebop Class Audio CDs is to provide the students with the aural input needed to use the Student’s Book effectively. The Audio CDs contain the audio recordings for the exercises from the Student’s Books and the music program, which includes the Storysongs and the Action Songs.... дальше
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Bebop. Level 2. Student's Book Pack Composed of 8 units with each unit designed to be covered over a month of classes, this title includes lessons consisting of vocabulary, grammar, Storysong, story comprehension and literacy work, language practice, content-based Learning, Action Songs and reviews. It also features story... дальше
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Bebop. Level 2. Activity Book Produced in large format for students to be able to use easily, this title is 80 pages long and is composed of 8 units each with 8 lessons, thus mirroring the structure of the Student's Books.
Рабочая тетрадь издаётся в большом формате, удобном для детей младшего возраста. Рабочая
... дальше
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