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EAP Now! English for Academic Purposes

Audio CD. EAP Now! English for Academic Purposes

Авторы/составители: Kathy Cox, David Hill
Производитель: Pearson
Серия: EAP Now!

EAP Now! English for Academic Purposes, 2nd edition prepares students with the necessary English language skills required for academic study at university and/or college.
New to this edition:
- A format which is now more teacher and student friendly makes the book easier to navigate and study with;
- Additional lectures are available in each unit all with note-taking practice for students;
- Extra research tasks on paragraph development and referencing to help students avoid plagiarism;
- More contemporary, subject-specific writing and reading tasks as well as model essays to get students ready for academic study;
- Greater focus on key academic areas - such as business.
Features and benefits... дальше »:
- All four skills are practised in a single book;
- Tasks guide students through situations and assignments that simulate academic study;
- Model academic assignments including essays and sample questions enable students to practise their skills;
- A comprehensive Teacher's Book provides answers, extra ideas and assists teachers new to EAP.
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