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Olivia Joules and Overactive Imagination

Audio CD. Olivia Joules and Overactive Imagination

Количество CD дисков: 3
Автор/составитель: Fielding Helen
Производитель: Macmillan Publishers
Серия: Macmillan Audio Books

From the white heat of Miami to the implants of LA, the glittering waters of the Caribbean to the deserts of Arabia, Olivia Joules pits herself against the forces of terror, armed with a hatpin, razor-sharp wits and a very special underwired bra.
How could a girl not be drawn to the alluring, powerful Pierre Ferramo – he of the hooded eyes, impeccable taste, unimaginable wealth, exotic international homes and dubious French accent? Could Ferramo really be a major terrorist bent on the western world's destruction, hiding behind a smokescreen of fine wines, yachts and actress slash models? Or is it all just a product of Olivia Joules' overactive imagination?
Join Olivia in her heart-stopping, hilarious, nerve-frazzling quest from hip hotel to eco-lodge, to underwater cave, by light aircraft, speedboat, helicopter and horse in this witty, contemporary and utterly compelling thriller deluxe.

360 руб.
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