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Sin Duda

Sin Duda

Дополнительно: + Audio CD
Автор/составитель: Gloria Boscaini
Издательство: CIDEB

Sin Duda is a grammar book which can be used either as a classroom tool or for self study.
The book is divided into 12 sections (temas) and presents the language of A1-B1, towards B2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference.
• clear and concise explanations accompanied by vignettes, tables and numerous examples so as to illustrate the rules using authentic language;
• wide range of clear activities for controlled practice, oral comprehension and effective communication;
• information on the most common regional variations of Spanish and of its use in Spain and South America;
• in each tema the material is divided into stand-alone units which make it easy to find your way around the book.
Each tema concludes with three subsections:
• Para revisar for revision purposes: the exercises cover the grammar studied in the tema.
• Mi gramàtica isone-page summary of the grammar rules. Students must complete the text, which acts as a revision tool.
• Preparaciòn al DELE (Diploma deEspaňol como Lengua Extrajera) is an exam-style exercise to simulate Nivel inicial (Concienciacomunicativa) and Nivel intermedio of the Instituto Cervantes exams.
The final pages of the volume are dedicated to irregular verbs tables.

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