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Happy House 1. Class Book

Happy House 1. Class Book

Авторы/составители: Maidment Stella, Roberts Lorena
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Серия: Happy House
Входит в УМК : Happy House 1 New Edition

A new edition of the best-selling, story-based course for children starting English at the beginning of the school system. Happy House introduces children to English through the adventures of a lively family with their three children, their cat, Otto, and two mice. Spike and Ruby, who live under the floor.
For the pupil:
• Class Book, with new cross-curricular and culture pages and motivating Take-home English projects.
• Activity Book, with stickers for children to keep a record of their learning, cut-outs and a MultiROM, with games, songs and stories.
For the teacher:
• Teacher's Book.
• Class AudioCDs, with karaoke songs.
• Happy House iTools: digital classroom resources, DVD clips, make-your-own worksheets and much more.
• Teacher's Resource Pack containing puppets, 40 storycards, masks, a poster, flashcards, Teacher's Resource Book and Evaluation Book.

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