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Curso de lectura, conversacion y redaccion: Nivel superior

Curso de lectura, conversacion y redaccion: Nivel superior

Авторы/составители: Jose Siles Artes, Jesus Sanchez Maza
Издательство: SGEL

This is Advanced level (also Beginners and Intermediate). This is a course designed to practise speaking and writing. Students will improve their reading, speaking and writing skills, through a wide range of activities. Lesson structure: The student skims a text and answers some questions about the main points. After that, he or she will need to read the text again to look for synonyms, antonyms or idioms, to fill in gaps, to construct expressions with specific words, etc. Every lesson includes a humour section. At the back of the book, there is a traditional song section. For the conversation section, the book offers two or three topics. The writing section proposes different text genres: summaries, letter replies, and writing about a specific topic. There are two more sections at the back: a grammatical topic list and a music section with six traditional songs. The course does not include any audio material (CD or Cassette).

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