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Pruebas de nivel ELE

Pruebas de nivel ELE

Дополнительно: + Audio CD
Авторы/составители: Paula Gozalo, Maria Martin
Издательство: SGEL

This is an essential tool for teachers and schools looking for a fast, efficient way to divide students by skill levels at the beginning of each year. It includes a user guide, student self-assessment sheets, solution, a correction template and comes complete with its own CD. This material tries to help the teacher to determine the communicative competence of new students in the language that is being learnt in order to place them in the appropriate course. The proposal that we present is designed according to the levels established by the Common European Framework of the Languages (MCER) by two teachers of the Autonomous University in Madrid, both of them with a lot of experience. The tests consist of 10 models that can be combined, with the exception of the Language Test that includes 5 models of the different skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). This design allows multiplying the usage capacities. Thanks to this, a great number of complete tests can be created which will evaluate both, the communicative activities and the linguistic competence of the student. Tests are addressed to students of Spanish as a foreign language with an advanced level (university), and also students of secondary education. These are close tests; therefore, any student of Spanish can classify himself or herself with them. The linguistic variety used has been the Peninsular Spanish, although some texts with Latin-American varieties have also been included in the modules of reading and listening comprehension.

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