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Business Plans Kit For Dummies

Business Plans Kit For Dummies

Автор/составитель: Colin Barrow
Издательство: Wiley

This is an interactive guide to every element of the business planning process. Are you an entrepreneur who wants to make it big? A manager grappling with logistics? A small business owner trying to map out a future in shaky economic times? Then look no further! Business Plans Kit For Dummies is a nuts-and-bolts guide to evaluating and invigorating your commercial strategy, no matter how big or small your business. Lay the foundations identify your long-term goals and brainstorm your business options. Develop the skills sketch out a working model, size up competitors and fire up your marketing machine. Make it personal scrutinise the ins and outs of your budget and diagnose what you need to take your ideas forward. Maximise your plan's potential take advantage of the latest online resources and e-technology to give your venture the edge. Fix faulty strategies recognise weak spots, build on strengths and make preparations to update your plan a year from now. Open the book and find: advice on stimulating business creativity; effective ways to research your start-up needs; how to get the most out of your industry; tips on sharpening your marketing drive and developing a customer profile; forecasting strategies for every kind of business; planning sheets, sample budgets and managerial forms; and, how to use libraries, directories and search engines to your advantage. The interactive companion CD-ROM is packed with templates, worksheets, assignments and checklists to help you kick-start the planning process, monitor progress and get your business on track.

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количество страниц378 стр.
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