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En Accion 2. Libro del alumno

En Accion 2. Libro del alumno

Издательство: En Clave-Ele

En accion is a four-level course for adults based on the Common European Framework of Reference and on action-oriented approach. It follows the new Curricular Plan of Instituto Cervantes. It is dynamic, up-to-date with diverse material which provides a large variety of activities, situations and cultural elements that suit various types of learners. En accion 1: corresponds to A1 and A2 of European Framework of Reference. En accion 2: corresponds to B1 of European Framework of Reference. En accion 3: It corresponds to B2 of European Framework of Reference. KEY FEATURES -This course has an easy-to-use structure for both, students and teachers. This dynamic resource offers a wide range of updated material, with activities, situations and cultural realities for all kind of students. -Its flexibility makes En Accion suitable for monolingual or plurilingual contexts, students learning in a Spanish-speaking country or in their own countries. -The Students book has 12 lessons and 3 reviews. Each Review offers a Portfolio with a variety of activities and Mundo Latino, a magazine with real texts and documents related to previous lessons. Mundo Latino offers cultural information about the sociocultural reality of Spain and Latin America. -Grammar appendix, multilingual vocabulary and verbal forms are included. -Workbook provides students with more practice in grammar, listening, vocabulary, etc. and helps students to develop learning strategies through a wide range of activities. -This course is supported with CD audio with dialogs and songs where the students will have the chance of appreciate different accents from Spain and Latin America. -Teachers book offers different kind of activities and additional ideas in order to support the lesson. Many activities can be done individually and out of the classroom. This material offers suggestions in order to pass the DELE inicial (for beginners).

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