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Adosphere 1. Livre de l`eleve

Adosphere 1. Livre de l`eleve

Дополнительно: + Audio CD
Авторы/составители: Celine Himber, Marie-Laure Poletti
Издательство: Hachette FLE

The student's book offers 50-60 hours of teaching which include systematic practice of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and work on grammar and vocabulary. It includes an audio CD which contains songs, listening excerpts and conjugation tables of the main verbs. The textbook is divided into 8 modules, each one focusing on a different teenager and his/her life which will appeal to students' personal experiences and interests.
The modules follow a clear structure consisting of 4 lessons, each presented on a double-page spread and concluding with a final task which promotes student collaboration and interaction. Each module opens with a 'contrat d'apprentissage' which clearly defines the learning objectives and encourages students to monitor their progress. In addition, there are also 'apprendre a apprendre' sections which discuss learning strategies and put the focus on students becoming independent and being in control of their learning.
The final lesson in each module is dedicated to French and Francophone culture, and to cross-curricular learning, which illustrate how French can be integrated into other subjects. There is also a double-page spread to summarise and practise the different grammatical, lexical and communicative topics covered in the module and a page which concentrates on preparing students for the DELF examination.
At the back of the book can be found an illustrated vocabulary list, a grammatical appendix and a summary of useful phrases for everyday situations.

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