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Reading and Writing. Workout for the SAT

Reading and Writing. Workout for the SAT

Авторы/составители: Geoff Martz, Doug Pierce
Издательство: Princeton Review

The Princeton Review recognizes that acing the SAT Critical Reading and Writing sections is very different from getting straight A’s in English. We don’t try to teach you everything there is to know about reading, writing, and grammar – only the techniques and information you’ll need to score higher on the SAT. In Reading and Writing Workout for the SAT, we’ll teach you how to think like the test writers and:
-Eliminate answer choices that look correct but are designed to confuse you,
-Master the strategies for writing a strong essay on the SAT,
-Tackle important writing material, including word choice, grammar, and usage,
-Improve your Critical Reading score by effectively using clues in the questions and efficiently finding the main idea.
This book includes flashcards of the words that most frequently appear on the SAT, plus more than 200 practice exercises. All of our practice test questions are like those you’ll see on the actual SAT, and we fully explain every solution.

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