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The Spanish Manner. Drawings from Ribera to Goya

The Spanish Manner. Drawings from Ribera to Goya

Авторы/составители: Brown Jonathan, Galassi Susan Grace, Banner Lisa A.
Издательство: ACC Distribution

• Includes works by Ribera, Murillo, Goya, Pacheco, Carducho, Herrera the Elder, Herrera Barnuevo, Carreño de Miranda and Maella, from both public and private collections
• Accompanies a major exhibition at The Frick Collection in New York, from the 5th October 2010 to the 9th January 2011

This elegantly designed, fully illustrated volume presents exquisite drawings by Spanish artists over the course of two centuries, featuring works by Ribera, Murillo and Goya from public and private collections in the New York area. Published to accompany a major exhibition at The Frick Collection in New York, this book presents the character, range and depth of the Spanish tradition of drawing from the early 17th to the early 19th century. These extraordinary works share a distinctiveness of technique, subject and mood that sets them apart from Italianate examples produced on the Peninsula in the same period - in other words, they represent a specifically 'Spanish manner'.

Although Italian Renaissance principles of figure drawing and perspective were practiced by Spanish draftsmen, the greatest of them also employed techniques of dazzling idiosyncrasy: lines dart and dash freely over the paper as if the hand of the artist could not be restrained, and energetic splotches of ink wash enrich forms. Many of the themes favoured by these artists - fantastic creatures, murderers and martyrdoms, and unusual treatmants of the human body - also distinguish these works.

Jonathan Brown is Carroll and Milton Petrie Professor of Fine Arts at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. Susan Grace Galassi is Senior Curator at The Frick Collection. Lisa A. Banner is an independent scholar.

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дата выпуска2011 г. 
количество томов1
количество страниц208 стр.
размеры280x230x25 мм
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