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The Design Mix: Bars, Cocktails and Style

The Design Mix: Bars, Cocktails and Style

Автор/составитель: Watson Howard
Издательство: Wiley

Cocktails evoke glamour – whether it is James Bond ordering a Martini ‘shaken not stirred’ or Sarah Jessica Parker and her friends in ‘Sex in the City’ sensuously sipping Cosmopolitans. The Design Mix – Bars, Cocktails & Style brilliantly captures the sophisticated, alluring world of today’s international bar scene. As well as profiling over 25 of the top bar and restaurant interiors, this lavishly illustrated book sheds light on the inspiration behind their cutting-edge designs. Alluding to the cocktail’s wider cultural connotations with the inclusion of film stills and posters, it also features many classic recipes as well as new creations by renowned mixologist Jamie Walker. With over 200 photos, this richly atmospheric book offers readers fascinating insights into the exclusive world of cocktail culture.

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