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The Rough Guide to Corsica Map

The Rough Guide to Corsica Map

Издательство: Rough Guides
Серия: Rough Guide Country/Region Map

Corsica – half the size of Wales – is one of the Mediterranean’s most stunning islands with attractions and activities for all types of visitors, ranging from the soaring granite escarpments of Col de Bavella to the ultimate Grande Randonneee of the GR20.The Rough Guide map will make exploring the island by car that much simpler with information on all the routes from the (well sign-posted) main roads to unpaved tracks. The map pinpoints the location of many attractions and places of interest, including unspolit beaches, churches, castles and outstanding natural features. As with all the maps in the Rough Guides series, this map is made of rip-proof, waterproof Polyart™ paper, durable enough to survive a dip in the sea.

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