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Secrets of Success in Management

Secrets of Success in Management

Автор/составитель: Leigh Andrew
Издательство: Pearson

Ask anyone involved with management to name the 20 most important skills and competencies and you will encounter a wide range of responses. However, there will also be a broad agreement on what it takes to be a successful manager and The Secrets of Success in Management reveals all the key skills and core capabilities every manager needs to master from setting objectives and solving problems to negotiating and coaching. The book is divided into 20 bite-size chapters that provide proven techniques, hints, tips, ideas and know-how that you can use immediately to get you on the road to successful management. Learn how to: * Manage your team * Give powerful presentations * Listen effectively * Solve problems * Handle stress * Win respect and acquire influence * Negotiate to win * Manage Yourself and much more.

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