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MyGrammarLab Advanced with Key and MyLab Pack

MyGrammarLab Advanced with Key and MyLab Pack

Авторы/составители: Hall Diane, Foley Mark
Издательство: Pearson Education (Longman)
Серия: Longman Learners Grammar

Something new has come that will change the way your students learn, practice and remember grammar. Step 1: take the diagnostic test. Step 2: study the grammar in the book and online. Step 3: do more practice online. Step 4: take the progress test. Step 5: need more practice? Go online and do the mobile exercises. Step 6: take the exit test to see how much you have learnt. With its learning hints and tips, immediate feedback, automatic grading, and grammar tutor videos, this course is ideal for self-study, as well as a grammar reference and practice companion to your English language course. MyGrammarLab Advanced provides grammar practice for the CAE and IELTS exams.
The book contains the access code on the website MyGrammarLab.

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