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Key Concepts in Contemporary Literature

Key Concepts in Contemporary Literature

Автор/составитель: Padley Steve
Издательство: Palgrave
Серия: Palgrave Key Concepts

Key Concepts in Contemporary Literature offers a comprehensive overview of the literature and critical debates of the period since 1945. Setting texts in their historical, political and cultural contexts, it demonstrates how literature has dealt with and been shaped by the changing face of the modern world. Divided into three clear sections, the volume serves to introduce the significant literary movements, themes and developments of the period since the Second World War and covers a full range of novels, poetry and drama as well as providing a guide to the major critical theories of recent times. Features include an accessible and full overview of the texts, contexts and criticism of the contemporary period, an alphabetical format that makes information quick and easy to find and cross-referencing, and further reading suggestions that provide additional resources for study. Acting as the perfect accompaniment, this is an invaluable guide to anyone navigating their way through the contemporary era and the literature that defines it.

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количество страниц232 стр.
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