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Acts of Charity

Acts of Charity

Автор/составитель: Peterson Mark
Издательство: powerHouse Books

At the height of the nonprofit world’s social swirl in New York, the city’s white-shoe charities scramble to give the gala parties that will tease a few more dollars out of their well-heeled patrons. With many nonprofits depending on their gala’s for earning up to 25 percent of their budget, the events themselves are quite a site to see, sometimes costing one half of the ticket price to produce. On any given night, New York’s upper crust might bounce between their pick of benefit soirées. The most sought-after events, however, are invitation only and can cost up to $10,000 per couple—and if you think that's expensive, just wait until you see what people wear!

In Acts of Charity, Mark Peterson captures the culture of philanthropy and reveals the true personalities behind these seemingly selfless acts. Peterson accompanied society matriarchs—who don Chanel gowns, elbow-length gloves, and flawless coiffures—as they attended New York City benefit galas that are as elite as they are charitable. Providing the perfect entrée to high society, Peterson escorts us to the most exclusive evenings, introducing us to the characters who populate these posh parties. Acts of Charity is your invitation into this most exclusive world, and even includes the highlight of the spring social season—the Conservancy Ball for the New York Botanical Garden.

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