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Safety First: English for Health and Safety. Resource Book + 2 CD

Safety First: English for Health and Safety. Resource Book + 2 CD

Дополнительно: + Audio CD
Авторы/составители: Chrimes John, McGarry Fiona, Gough Chris
Издательство: Garnet

Aimed at people already working in industry, Safety First focuses on testing, activating and building workplace vocabulary and helping students develop their range of conversational language by teaching useful phrases and raising awareness of different registers. It also builds communication skills and gives practice in other skills needed in industry, such as listening for gist and key information and interpreting e-mail messages.
Key Features:
- A wide variety of interesting activity types to engage the learner;
- Systematic recycling to activate workplace vocabulary;
- Builds communications skills and raises awareness of different registers through use of authentic language;
- Provides practice in industry-specific skills such as form-filling and understanding complex instructions;
- Puzzles and games to help with critical thinking skills;
Includes audio CD.

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