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Deal With Difficult People: How To Cope With Tricky Situations And People

Deal With Difficult People: How To Cope With Tricky Situations And People

Автор/составитель: Russell Jane
Издательство: Bloomsbury Publishing
Серия: Steps to Success

Dealing with difficult people at work has become an essential survival skill in today’s office place. Whether an impossible customer or an occasional tense situation with a coworker or the more extreme case of an office bully, this fully revised and updated edition of Tackle Office Nightmares offers clear solutions and step-by-step advice on a wide range of these interpersonal workplace issues.

You’ll learn how to diffuse situations before they get out of control and separate the facts to determine the difference between an uncomfortable, awkward situation and an actionable human resource issue such as discrimination. You’ll also learn the best practices to keep your work life as peaceful as possible and when it’s appropriate to step in to help others. With a tough job market and more demands placed on employees, workplace stress is on the rise. This practical and informative book will help diffuse workplace conflicts, which directly affect office productivity, employee health, and business survival.

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