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World History With Atlas

World History With Atlas

Издательство: Geddes&Grosset
Серия: Webster's Reference Library

The best way to understand today's world fully is to understand the many influences that have, over thousands of years, shaped and moulded its peoples, countries and continents.
This World History with Atlas helps to bring the past alive and will appeal to all members of the family. It brings together in one accessible and affordable volume a comprehensive and clearly illustrated guide to the history of the world that includes:
• a timeline that relates some of the major events that have taken place in history simultaneously and worldwide.
• a graphic exploration of the world's history with full-colour maps and illustrations - from the early environment and lifestyle of the first humans to the world in conflict today.
• an overview of history that complements the information in the maps and illustrations and reveals the political, religious and cultural trends that have dominated the history of the world.
• a chronology of the events that have shaped the world during its long history.

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