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Игра окончена (на английском языке)

Игра окончена (на английском языке)

Оригинальное название: Game Over: How You Can Prosper in a Shattered Economy
Автор/составитель: Leeb Stephen
Издательство: Hachette Book Group

In THE COMING ECONOMIC COLLAPSE he predicted that the price of oil would soar past $100 a barrel when it was only $65 a barrel at the time. He also predicted that the dollar would weaken and you should buy gold. Gold is now at an all-time high. 2 examples of how the economic stakes have accelerated. Leeb's vision is bleak. We're reaching a point in which all the key financial issues are about to collapse. He warns that if you don't address yourfinancial situation soon, you could see half of your wealth disappear. Think he's kidding? What guarantee do you have that the erosion is going to stop? Are you worried about the falling value of your home. Now, in his most dramatic book yet, he shows how the combination of several key factors will make for a very rocky road in the next few years. Many experts agree and say the recession is NOT temporary but will persist for years. The good news is that Leeb provides some key and valuable information as to how the smart investors can survive. Is gold still the answer? What stocks will actually thrive in a down market? What happens to the real estate market? All of these issues and more, are covered in this book.

338 руб.
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ориентировочная дата отгрузки: 24.10.2017 (Вт.)
дата выпуска2009 г. 
языкрусский, английский
количество томов1
количество страниц256 стр.
размеры226x153x15 мм
возрастная категория18+ (нет данных)
код системы скидок25
код в My-shop.ru1305642
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