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Caternal Instincts: The Feline Guide to Mastering Motherhood

Caternal Instincts: The Feline Guide to Mastering Motherhood

Автор/составитель: Levin Kim
Издательство: Abrams

Christine Montaquila and Kim Levin’s feline role models are back—and hitting a new milestone in their nine lives. In Cattitude, Montaquila and Levin’s first cat-inspired book, their feline divas gave us girls the skinny on how to live large. In Catrimony, they continued their pseudo advice column with the 411 on relationships and marriage. And now, with Caternal Instincts, these savvy cats give us a few tips for raising our young with confidence, reinforcing the old bit of wisdom, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

Like the rest of the series, Caternal Instincts combines Levin’s unique documentary-style photography with Montaquila’s witty all-feline perspective. Their collection of newly minted momcats offer up practical life lessons for anyone who is, or is soon to be, a mother. Little wisdoms like “Buy stain-resistant everything” “Realize snacks can work like sedatives” and “Accept the fact that you’ll never pee alone again” make this book an ideal addition to any cat lover’s library. Caternal Instincts is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or baby showers, or for anyone who simply loves to get their favorite four-legged friends’ perspective on life.

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