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Close That Sale

Close That Sale

Автор/составитель: Brooksbank Roger
Издательство: Teach Yourself
Серия: Teach Yourself Complete Courses

Learn how to hone your selling skills and close more sales with this easy to read guide written by someone with extensive experience of every aspect of selling and marketing in the international arena. Based on the five stage OIMCO selling model it covers:
-Opening-phase selling skills, including taking control of your selling space and sizing up the customer;
- Interviewing-phase selling skills, including asking open-style questions, listening actively and triggering your customer's imagination;
- Matching-phase selling skills, including applying the SELL formula, translating benefits into real money and mastering the art of storytelling;
- Closing-phase selling skills, including tuning in to buying signals, manufacturing a close and perfecting the art of silence;
- Objection-handling-phase selling skills, including conditioning yourself positively to objections, pre-handling predictable objections and playing CATCH with every objection raised.
All neatly summed up in 52 skill honing sections, with skill-enhancing exercises, to perfectly suit a busy life in sales.

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