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Microsoft Visio 2010 Step by Step

Microsoft Visio 2010 Step by Step

Авторы/составители: Helmers Scott A., Lemke Judy
Издательство: Microsoft Press

Teach yourself how to create professional-looking business and technical diagrams with Visio 2010 - one step at a time. With Step by Step, you get hands-on guidance for using vector graphics to visualize, analyze, and communicate complex information, systems, and processes. Learn how to navigate the Ribbon user interface in Visio 2010 Build organization charts, floor plans, database models, and other diagrams Add color, text, and other effects Connect shapes and create effective flowcharts and workflow diagrams Visualize and analyze data with new PivotDiagrams Insert and modify diagrams in other Microsoft Office documents Create your own shapes and templates and build custom diagrams.

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