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Oxford Learner's German Dictionary

Oxford Learner's German Dictionary

Издательство: Oxford University Press

Ideal for all ages of German language learners. Linked to the new KS3 Modern Languages Framework and the KS4 National Curriculum and Scottish Guidelines. Key curriculum words are highlighted to help prepare for exams. Full colour thematic section focuses on vocabulary relating to jobs and work places, leisure and holidays, media and communications, restaurants, cafes and shops, family and friends, travel, transport and more. Easy navigation with outstandingly clear translations, language support and colour alphabet tabs on every page. Bite-size information boxes give cultural information and support on tackling tricky language issues. Example sentences to illustrate how the language works and to meet the Curriculum's sentence building requirements. Full German verb tables, with tenses translated. Extended entries in tinted panels for important function words, with clear explanations of usage and footnotes throughout.

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