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Insight Guides: Paris Step by Step

Insight Guides: Paris Step by Step

Автор/составитель: Macaroon Michael
Издательство: Penguin Group
Серия: Insight Step by Step

Lavishly illustrated in full color, Insight Paris Step by Step features irresistible self-guided walks and tours, written by a local expert and packed with great insider tops.
All walks and tours come with easy-to-follow full-color maps and handpicked places to eat and drink en route. The guide recommends top tours by theme, and also has an only in feature, highlighting a number of experiences or attractions that are unique to the destination. The overview provides background information on food, drink, shopping, entertainment, and key historical events. The directory provides a clearly organized A-Z list of practical information and hotel and restaurant listings to suit all budgets, plus nightlife listings! The guide also comes with a free pull-out map, complete with a places index and with the walks and tours clearly marked.

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