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Live from Downing Street

Live from Downing Street

Автор/составитель: Robinson Nick
Издательство: Transworld Publishers

2010 is the year that the relationship between politics and television will come of age. In the last election politicians clashed live on TV in the first ever televised Prime Ministerial debate - an unprecedented event in the history of political broadcasting. It follows a year in which media coverage of politics has become more immediate, more intense, and far more personal. The 2010 election marked the culmination of the shift in politics from the street corner, to the box in the corner. In Live From Downing Street, the BBC's Political Editor, Nick Robinson, tells the inside story of the 'troubled marriage' which has forced politicians and broadcasters to live together, rarely in harmony, for over 70 years. With unprecedented access and insight he reveals how the key players, past and present, handle the portrayal of their role in the public eye with varying degrees of success. Coupled with an analysis of how the relationship between politics and instant broadcasting will develop further in the digital world, Live From Downing Street presents a fascinating and important story of politics and the media in our time.

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