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Количество томов: 5 + CD-ROM
Издательство: Edel

Prague, 'the golden city' on the River Vltava, is one of the most beautiful European cities. Fortunately, WWII left the romantic cityscape with its numerous bridges and its wealth of medieval buildings unscathed. So, Prague is still attracting visitors today with its unique sights like, amongst others, the Charles Bridge, the Old Town and Prague Castle. However, the city's lifestyle, which you can find in the many cafés and bars or simply by walking along the streets, is equally enticing. Historic buildings, music, beer, Mozart, Kafka, kitsch and dumplings - that's what Prague is renowned for. This earBOOK offers you a look at Prague's varied aspects in unique photographs. The music of the city will be presented on 4 CDs. Alongside classical works by great composers like Smetana, Dvoák or Mozart, who had a direct connection with Prague, the CDs also include typical palm court music and jazz.

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